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How We Give Back

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Each of us fortunate to live in the Ojai Valley are thankful for all who came before us and chose to actively protect and invest in the community. Their dedication and efforts unquestionably helped shape the quality of life we enjoy in Ojai today.

We proudly carry on this Ojai tradition by donating from each of our home sales to OjaiCARES: a compassionate organization dedicated to providing resources, education, and support to local cancer patients.

Along with being co-founders of the Ojai Defense Fund, we’re delighted to also actively support the Ojai Land Conservancy, Help of Ojai, the Ojai Raptor Center, and various other organizations.

A search on the Nonprofit Explorers web page shows no less than 277 nonprofits listed in the Valley!

If you’re lucky enough to land in Ojai, we encourage you to explore the many ways and opportunities for you to make your own contribution to this remarkable Valley.

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