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East End Ojai

Historic stone walls dating back to the early 1900′s adorn the East End of Ojai while fragrant orange groves come alive in the Spring giving this area the quintessential Ojai feel. Although much of the land is defined by orchards consisting of pixie tangerines, valencia oranges, olive groves, and avocados, residents also find solace in the peaceful nature of the East End where the parcels commonly range between 1 and 20 acres. Private and old world; the East End is a popular destination for many in the film and creative arts industry looking for their weekend sanctuaries. Whether it be a second home getaway or primary residence, the East End is coveted for its open space, seclusion and narrow meandering driveways that lead to charming ranch-style homes, mid-century modern works of art, and eclectic residences perched just so to take in the sweeping mountain views.
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